Essaouira – One of my favourite places.

I first visited Essaouira in October 2013 with my husband Richard, my sister and brother in law. We flew to Marrakesh and as private transfers and buses seemed to be costly, we opted for the cheaper option of hiring a car. Big mistake. Big, big mistake. The drive between Marrakesh and Essaouira should take between … Continue reading Essaouira – One of my favourite places.

The Story of my Name. Part 2

  I was named after an old Irish song that was famously sung by John McCormack, Joseph Locke and my Grandad, John Tarpy. My grandfather made this song into a record, as far as I am aware, there are no longer any copies in existence. It was written by an Irish Poet, John Keegan Casey … Continue reading The Story of my Name. Part 2

Weekend in Vancouver

Last year we spent our summer holiday in Canada. The children are getting older and heading off to university and we (Rich and I) decided it was to be our last holiday as a family. My Aunt and Cousins emigrated to Canada over 40years ago so we combined our holiday with catching up with relatives … Continue reading Weekend in Vancouver

How to make the most of the Weekend

It’s Wednesday afternoon and you know that you are halfway through the working week. It’s now a downhill sprint to the weekend. You look forward to two whole glorious days of spending time with family, friends or even by ourselves. Before you know it, it’s Friday and here comes the weekend! Then just as quickly … Continue reading How to make the most of the Weekend

The Independent Traveller

“Once the travel bug has bitten there is no antidote, and I know I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.” Michael Palin   Back in 2011, Rich famously (in our family) told a Thomas cook holiday rep "we don’t go on package holidays were independent travellers."   What is an independent … Continue reading The Independent Traveller