Yorkshire Pudding Recipe.

My favourite food has to be Yorkshire Pudding or Toad in the Hole. I could seriously eat if for dinner every day.

Yorkshire Puddings were traditionally made with the fat from the Sunday roast and cooked in the meat roasting tin They were served as a starter with onion gravy to help fill you up, so that in times of hardship (and there were lots of those times in Yorkshire) less meat could be served, stretching out the joint to be used further into the week.

In our house, Yorkshire pudding is made by my husband. It is made in a tin that has been used by three generations of my family. With this and Richards fail safe recipe, he manages to produce a pudding that never fails to rise.


1 cup of plain flour.

1 cup of milk

1 cup of eggs

Pinch of salt and pepper.

As American as this may sound, it is not a standard cup measure, but equal measures of the 3 main ingredients.

This is the cup we use.

The ingredients are all whisked up by hand whist he fat is heating up in the oven. The oven needs to be as hot as it will go, until the fat is lost smoking.

Pour in the batter and turn the heat down, a tiny amount so he pudding doesn’t burn.

Pour in the mixture and cook until ready.

Toad in the Hole

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