Getting Back to Writing

This week on TV, I saw aBank Manager being interviewed, he told the interviewer that he had written three books.

Have I heard of them? Asked the interviewer.

No, said the Bank Manager, I’m afraid to show them to anyone in case they’re not good enough!

And that, is the crux of my problem, I have some 20 half written blogs that I do not feel are good enough to publish, but without publishing them, I will never know if they are good enough.

But who’s approval am I seeking.

I started my blog for several reasons, the main one that I enjoy writing. I wanted to have a record of the places I have visited and the experiences I have had. If someone else enjoys what I have written, that’s a bonus.

Would I like to be the kind of blogger who is invited to events, restaurants and jetting off to hotels to write about my experiences there. Who wouldn’t. But that was never my intention. (My nor lets be honest is it likely to be).

So, after a hiatus of several months, I have put pen to paper one again. I hope some of my musings are of interest to others, if not, I’m going to enjoy the writing process along the way.

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