How to make the most of the Weekend

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It’s Wednesday afternoon and you know that you are halfway through the working week. It’s now a downhill sprint to the weekend.

You look forward to two whole glorious days of spending time with family, friends or even by ourselves.

Before you know it, it’s Friday and here comes the weekend!

Then just as quickly its Monday morning, the alarm goes off and its back to work for another week.

Where did the weekend go?

How was it over so quickly and what did you achieve?

Maybe it’s time to plan your weekend better.

From arriving home at 6pm on a Friday evening, to being rudely awakened by the alarm at 6am Monday morning, the weekend consists of 60 hours.

60hours, where did it all go?

Well you do need to have some sleep, so accounting for three 8hrs sleeps, you still have 36hrs.

That’s almost a full working week and look how much you can achieve in a work in a week.

Here are some suggestions to help make the most of your weekend.

  1. Planning how to spend your weekend, not only gives you some structure to the days, but also gives you something to look forward. We know that anticipation accounts for much of the pleasure derived from an experience: – think Christmas or holidays.


  1. Just because you’ve got a plan doesn’t mean that the weekend needs to look like your working week. Three to five “anchor” events, to look forward to, can make for an excellent weekend.



  1. Make the most of your town. Remember that living life doesn’t just happen on holiday. Look at what events are happening nearby and see if you can build in some time to attend.


  1. Build in some time to get jobs completed. There is always washing, ironing and cleaning to be done. I like to try and fit it in either on Friday evening or Saturday morning, so that I still feel I have most of the weekend left.


  1. Try and make time for an activity on Sunday evening. Knowing that you have something planned makes Sunday more enjoyable that having Monday morning blues half way through the day.



I like to split my weekend into seven


Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00   6:00   6:00  
7:00   7:00   7:00  
8:00 8:00 Morning 8:00  Morning
9:00 9:00  Morning 9:00  Morning
10:00 10:00  Morning 10:00  Morning
11:00 11:00  Morning 11:00  Morning
12:00   12:00  Morning 12:00  Morning
1:00   1:00  Afternoon 1:00  Afternoon
2:00   2:00  Afternoon 2:00  Afternoon
3:00   3:00  Afternoon 3:00  Afternoon
4:00   4:00  Afternoon 4:00  Afternoon
5:00   5:00  Afternoon 5:00  Afternoon
6:00 Evening 6:00  Evening 6:00  Evening
7:00 Evening 7:00  Evening 7:00  Evening
8:00  Evening 8:00  Evening 8:00  Evening
9:00  Evening 9:00  Evening 9:00  Evening
10:00  Evening 10:00  Evening 10:00  Evening
11:00  Evening 11:00  Evening 11:00  Evening


Rich and I usually have “date night” on a Friday evening to start the weekend off. It usually involves going out for a meal either by ourselves or with friends.

Saturday, we try and spend some time with our elderly parents and with our Daughters, depending on their busy social calendars.

We like to arrange something for Sunday evening, a visit to the cinema or sometimes just a walk to bring the weekend to a relaxed end.

Whatever your plans, you want weekends to leave you refreshed, not exhausted or disappointed, so you can hit Monday feeling ready to go.


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